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Welcome to Seeking Yugen!

My name is Christy, I'm a Reiki Master Teacher in the Western lineage and a Shinpiden Teacher in the Traditional Japanese lineage,  I've been practicing Reiki since Oct 2012.  I've had natural intuitive gifts my whole life, but was brought up believing they were odd and a figment of my imagination.  I struggled through years in a pharmaceutical stupor to finally figure out that I am an Empath, one who feels others emotional and physical ailments.   I've since learned how to better manage how I use my gifts and have gone on to learn several more energy healing techniques to aid myself and others in healing and awakening.  Akashic Records, Ra Sheeba, Laughter Yoga, using the energy of crystals, sound healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls and through Chakradance.  I've become an Ordained Minister, certified in acupressure and currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Southern California has been my home since birth, I have two beautiful daughters and work full time as an Interventional Radiology Coder.

I've met so many amazing people since I started this Self Awareness journey and very happy to call them friends.  They have taught me, been there for me, made me laugh and cry.  It's a great pleasure to pass on the knowledge I've gained to my students, to see them flourish and share their gifts with others.

I hope follow in the footsteps of my Master Teachers to raise awareness of our true nature and share my gifts of Reiki, Laughter and Dance with as many people as possible.

Psi Q test results – your score out of ten.
Telepathy                                         07
Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing          09
Psychokinesis                                  06
Precognition                                    05
Mediumship                                    08

How to rate your points:

0-3 Poor     4-6 Good     7-10 Excellent 


0-3 Average    4-5 Good    6+ Exceptional 


0-5 Average    6-8 Good     9+ Amazing 

0-3 Poor     4-7 Good     8-10 Excellent 

0-3 Poor    4-7 Very Good    8-10 Talented

Telepathy and Empathy
Communication directly from one person's mind to another without speech or other signs and understanding extrasensory perception, exploring your sixth sense. The ability to identify with and understand someone's feelings or difficulties.

Clairvoyance & Remote viewing
The ability to gain information about objects, people, or physical events through means beyond the five senses and the ability to get information about a distant or unseen target using extra sensory perception.

Psychokinesis and Psychometry
The ability to use mental powers to make objects move or to otherwise affect them and the ability to read information about another person's personal belongings by holding their items.

Means to get to know something before it happens, refering to the ability to see something before it physically occurs.

The ability to make a channel or means of communication or expression to someone outside normal areas. Making contact with those in the spirit world and relating messages.


Bachelors in Metaphysics

Current Training

University of Metaphysical Sciences

Acupressure Training Circle

Bodywork Techniques

Current Training

Michael Reed Gach

Acupressure Training Circle

5 Elements & Qigong Certification

December 2018

Michael Reed Gach

Sai Shakti Healing

Holy Womb Process

November 2018

Paul Aryeh

Sai Shakti Healing

Sri Kaleshwar's

5 Elements Process

November 2018

Paul Aryeh 

Shirdi Sai Temple Tarzana

Your 7 Chakras: The Complete Guide

To Your Energy Body

January 2018

Alexander Fairman - Udemy

Acupressure Training Circle

Meridians Certification

December 2017

Michael Reed Gach

Advanced Akashic Records Certification
July 2016
Barbara Schiffman

Sound Healing Therapy
Level I Certification
February 2016
Satya Brat
International Academy of
Sound Healing

Shinpiden Refresher Course
February 2016
Frans Steine

Acupressure Self Care Certification
February 2016 - March 2016
Michael Reed Gach

Acupressure Practitioner Certification

April 2016

Michael Reed Gach

Ministry Ordination

June 2015

Universal Life Church

Advanced Akashic Records Certification

January 2015

Tina Salee

Ra Sheeba Master Certification

January 2015

Nicole Bates

Akashic Records Practitioner Certification

September 2014

Barbara Schiffman

Shinpiden Certification

Traditional Japanese Master Level

May 2014

Frans Steine

International House of Reiki

Okuden Certification

Traditional Japanese Level II

March 2014

Rebecca Thompson

Himalayan Singing Bowl classes

March 2014

Micah Sheiner

Chakradance Facilitator Certification

April 2014

Shoden Certification

Traditional Japanese Level I

January 2014

Rebecca Thompson

Reiki Master Certification

June 2013

Rebecca Thompson

Spirit of Sage Reiki

Laughter Yoga Leader Certification

April 2013

Shelley Bell

Laughter Yoga International

Reiki II Certification

December 2012

Rebecca Thompson

Reiki I Certification
October 2012
Rebecca Thompson