the Om element 

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Quotes I have been having Reiki sessions with Christy for almost 3 months now to help ease depression and after the first session I noticed a massive difference in my overall mood and had great mental clarity. Her energy is very calming and peaceful and wonderful to be around. I will admit I was very skeptical to explore the world of Reike, but now that I have, I am so happy and I can't imagine my life without it. Christy does a fantastic job, I highly recommend her services! Quotes
Dara F
Los Angeles, Ca

Quotes Hi Christy, It's Lisa O from your Sat. session. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the time we shared. Sometimes we are guided to an experience so we can finally hear/get the message from above. I know you can relate.... Well this was my experience with you. When the Masters said being impatient is living in the future---it hit me....I got it...FINALLY!! Isn't it funny how you can hear and know something (sometime for years!) then the timing, the willingness, the delivery ,the whatever it is.... makes it finally click!! Also the nudge to visualize my future "clicked" as well. As I said,,,,I do as am I told from above and all around. I am sitting my be-hind down and seeing my today and tomorrow's.............. Thank you are helping, you are making a difference, you are assisting people to see and hear their truth. HUGE Hugs and much LOVE from Earth Angel, Lisa xxoox Quotes
Lisa O
Los Angeles, Ca

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you and that it was money well spent i went on line to read about after effects because my right knee was very sore at the back of my knee and bottom of feet i knew it meant healing just wanted to know if i needed to do anything you have come a long way ur a miracle worker. Quotes
Tamara B
Thousand Oaks,California

Quotes Thank you so much Christy, it was fun, easy, creative and healing . loved it ! Quotes
Los Angeles, Ca

Quotes What a great night expressing ourselves through dance & beautiful art! Definitely a fun way to open ourselves up...Thank you Christy Quotes
Los Angeles, Ca

Quotes Highly recommend the experience. The dance was healing and enlightening. I enjoyed expressing my experience through the creation of my mandala. Quotes
Los Angeles, Ca

Quotes I loved Christy's Chakradance class. The music was amazing and she has the perfect voice for leading us through each chakra and meditation. This was the second class I have been to and I want to go to more! Quotes

Quotes Chakradance was a great way to connect, heal, let go and receive healing love and energy... Very powerful, I loved it! Quotes
Kerri F.
Los Angeles, Ca

Quotes My dear christy - last night I was wide awake a 1:23 and couldn't get back to sleep - I had a serve head ache - mainly centered on the forehead - and today as the day went on I feel as though I'm coming down with something - I personally think my body maybe expelling stuff? On a positive note! Im in good spirits and feeling at ease. Quotes
Jade W
Sydney, Australia

Quotes I really needed this healing and I am very thankful to you for this beautiful healing. May God bless you abundantly. Much love and blessings. Quotes
Arzina J