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Shoden - Reiki 1


Level 1 class fee is $150


Class Training includes:


1. The history of Reiki


2. Reiki techniques


3. Reiki 1 initiation


4. Time to practice


5. Discuss the benefits of Reiki


6. Constant support from your Reiki Master, including monthly workshops to continue your practice and spiritual development.


Benefits of Reiki:

1. Deep relaxation of body and mind

2. Helps to develop our natural intuitive abilities

3. Promotes wellness in body, mind, spirit and emotion.

4. Awakens our senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

5. Begins a magnificent path of personal development!


In addition to being a system promoting health and well-being, the life force energy of Reiki ignites a spiritual path that will enrich your life!


If you are already a Reiki Practitioner, consider taking this class as a renew and review. Mikao Usui gave his Reiki students multiple attunements to build on their connection with the Reiki energy

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