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Shinpiden - Level 3


This is a two day Intensive Training. You must be a Reiki II Practitioner to attend this class. Only you can decide if you are ready to take this next step. You should be feeling grounded yet connected to spirit and feel the oneness of all that is.

If your Reiki path is leading you on a journey of continuous spiritual/self-discovery and you feel you are ready to deepen your understanding and connection to Reiki, and/or you are ready to share its magnificence with others, then this is the next step on your journey. There will also be several Review Workshops leading up to this training.

Class Fee $500 - Manual included

Training includes: (Two day training Class)

1. Reiki Master Training

2. Review of Reiki I and II – also to be covered in Master Prep Workshops

3. Instruction and practice of Reiki Master Symbol, it's meaning and use

4. Learn and practice the form of attunements in order to attune others

5. Instruction and practice of Reiki Master techniques

6. Receive the Third Degree Reiki Master attunement

7. Teaching guidelines

8. Ethics as a Reiki Master/Teacher

9. INCLUDES Shinpiden Manual.

10. Constant support from your Reiki Master, including monthly workshops to continue your practice and spiritual development.

Benefits of Reiki Master Training:

1. Achieve a complete understanding of all elements of the system of Reiki

2. Uncover a path that will allow you to attain deep spiritual growth

3. Become a confident Reiki practitioner

4. Learn the elements needed to teach Reiki professionally from a Western perspective


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