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Acupressure and Energy Healing Sessions

With intuition as my guide, a session may combine a mix of Acupressure, Reiki, Himalayan Singing Bowls, and Crystals to achieve a complete balancing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

$100 per session

Reiki Circles

Reiki Circles are an opportunity for us to come together in community and offer healing and support for one another.  Every one who attends receives Reiki and everyone is also encouraged to participate in giving Reiki.  Even if you are not a Practitioner.  The translation of Reiki is "spiritual energy", which resides within all of us, therefore we all have the ability share this energy.  The system of Reiki teaches us how to awaken and connect and utilize this energy in our daily lives for the benefit of our spiritual development and well-being.
Come and enjoy the benefits of Reiki! We will gather to share in healing and spiritual growth together through the giving and receiving of Reiki.

If you are new to Reiki, this is a great way for you to experience it first hand!

Reiki Practitioners, this is a great way to practice your Reiki skills!

Traditional Japanese Reiki Classes

Individual or Group Instruction Available

Shoden Class

Course outline:

1. The history of Reiki
2. Reiki techniques including Gassho & hara meditation, Byosen scanning, hand positions and more.
3. Reiki I initiation.
4. Time to practice.
5. Constant support from your Reiki Teacher to continue your practice and spiritual development.


Benefits of Reiki:
1. Deep relaxation of body and mind
2. Helps to develop our natural intuitive abilities
3. Promotes wellness in body, mind, spirit and emotion.
4. Awakens our senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.
5. Begins a magnificent path of personal development!

In addition to being a system promoting health and well-being, the life force energy of Reiki ignites a spiritual path that will enrich your life!

If you are already a Reiki Practitioner, consider taking this class as a renew and review.  Mikao Usui gave his Reiki students multiple attunements to build on their connection with the Reiki energy.

Okuden Class

Course outline:

1. The Reiki symbols
2. The many ways to utilize the symbols.
3. Reiki techniques including Koki-ho, Gyoshi-ho and other Japanese styles
4. Reiki II initiation
5. Time to practice Reiki the symbols
6. Constant support from your Reiki Teacher to continue your practice and spiritual development.


Shinpiden Class

2 day Course outline:

1. Review of Reiki Levels I and II
2. Instruction and practice of Reiki Master Symbol & their Western meaning and use
3. Learn and practice the initiation process in order to attune others
4. Instruction and practice of symbols & techniques.

5. Receive the Third Degree Shinpiden initiation
6. Teaching guidelines
7. Ethics as a Reiki Master/Teacher
8. Constant support from your Reiki Master, including monthly workshops to continue your practice and spiritual development.


Benefits of Reiki Master Training:
1. Achieve a complete understanding of all elements of the system of Reiki as commonly practiced,
2. Uncover a path that will allow you to attain deep spiritual growth.
3. Become a confident Reiki practitioner.
4. Learn the elements needed to teach Reiki professionally.

Home Clearing
and Protecting

Full home clearing session with sage and sound. $100

Ministry Services

Wedding Officiant

Vow Renewals

send message for pricing


Two options available

"Awaken" Intro ~
2 hour workshop

"7 Keys to Freedom" ~
1.5 workshop

These workshops will take you on a journey through your 7 main energy centers with meditation, dance, and mandala art.

Group discount for parties
of 10 persons or more.

Laughter Yoga

1 hour class

A unique fun way to relieve stress through laughter with breath work and meditation in an uplifting environment.

Past Life Integration

and Healing Room

$120 per session

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